SpookyCellar 1.0 is live!

After almost a year of development SpookyCellar is finally out!

SpookyCellar utilizes the full power of Unreal Engine for to bring the classic indie flashlight horror to the modern age... with a twist. Originally designed to poke fun at the classic games like Slender, SpookyCellar uses a cast of silly and terrifying characters to parody the oversaturated genre of flashlight horror games. The game was originally designed to be purely comedic, but when it was sent out for it's first round of testing it the feedback was that the game was "absolutely terrifying." The key is in the atmosphere and the pacing. SpookyCellar has a calculated pacing for horror that relies on the suspense building atmosphere and the unpredictable AI.

If you enjoy this game, consider sharing it with people. We're working with a $0 marketing budget, so any coverage helps!


SpookyCellar Installer 1.1.0
Feb 03, 2018

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