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This was a very unique game for me, it kept me on my toes and scared me plenty.  The game had a good feel to it, all around very good experience. I just didn't make very far.... like at all

So I did this a while back but I wanted to say, despite my sadness, I really enjoyed your game. I plan on doing another part to this, but after loading in today after months, I spawned with no flashlight. How do I fix this?

so is a great game but i found a bug 

i complete floor 2 and exit the game, howeverwhen i open the game and press continue it putsme on floor 3 but withoud the flasligth

Simple system but got spooky enough. Truly excellent graphics and sound effects. Just wondering why the mixer for me at the end of the game? Do I have to turn off the game by pressing exit? Anyways, this is a great game! Thank you for the great work.


It seems like a great game but I annoyingly couldn't find the second exit so I couldn't go any further through it.

Here is an amazing game!! The developers should pat themselves on the back for the graphics that are used!!

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my anti-virus denied the download guys :0

Oh also says service certificate has been revoked ????


ya desactive el antiviruz pero no me deja descargar, estoy desde windows

Yeah well, I dont know what language that is but thanks HAHAHAHA

Developers, this is actually pretty interesting. I feel like you really have something good here, the game just needs a little more work and a steam launch. 


Floating heads chasing me around is very spooky indeed.

Sometimes the heads come out of nowhere, giving you a JOLT!

Multiple Levels

My Issues:

Game took a few seconds to reload, making me feel as if it was about to crash; not a nice feeling.

No death animation, just an instant game over screen. 

Some music would be lit.

The intro felt rushed, and I didn't really understand what was going on. Etc.

In Summary, this is a decent horror game, but you could use some polishing. Good job devs and good luck!


this game is amazing! really difficult but amazing! and the graphics are actually incredible! alot of effort put into this game so good job! :D 

"Realistic Graphics" probably no...

Wassup, Noids! My name is Albert Haha. This game I found it confusing, because I didn't know where to go. At the same time, it was a good horror game, because it has the mystery of why you're on a cellar in the first place. It was fun playing it.

Every single wall in the game is invisible... Why?...

This game was fantastic. Had a great atmosphere, haunting sound effects and really impressive visuals. Very impressed by this one great job! 

Great game check it out you won't be dissapointed  

It was fun (also super hard!) I'm not sure why it seems like your grandma stuffs you into the basement. She is actually more scary than the monsters in the cellar hahaha!

Definitely unexpected... and I loved it! 

I, the panda king, present this game with a thumbs up of approval. 

This was good! Loved the graphics. It was pretty scary. The cursor kept falling out of the game after death, though. Had to click the screen to be able to look around in a full rotation for some reason. The frame rate seemed a little choppy while recording, but while editing it looked fine. So it was probably just me. I could not for the life of me pass level two. Good job on this one!!

Aw ye Scrotum McGee's floating everywhere!

Hilow, I hope you like this video! <3

i can't believe what i got at the end..LOL Although it was repetitive i really enjoyed it!


I got lost in the cellar, it was tense!

Well lmao

Jeu fantastique.

Enjoyed it a lot! Gameplay down below if you want to check it out!!

Gave it a go...